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Based in Prague, Czech Republic

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Q1 2020



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In the grim darkness of the not so distant future, Robo-Politicians have just elected a new law stating that every old eco-unfriendly robot should report for an immediate deconstruction, so their parts can be re-purposed and environment can be saved. Our two robot friends stand defiantly against the oppression of the puny human laws and their disappointing lack of appreciation for anything old, and decide to fight through the deepest hell of bureaucracy and it's deadly Robo-Clerks, and emigrate into the magical neighbor state Retrolandia, where anything retro gets the love it deserves... Silicomrades is 2D asymmetric couch co-op for two players. And sice our main protagonists are cheap and rusty robots, we can bring you an unique twist on classic top down shooter gameplay. Players will build their own robots at the beginning but as the game progresses, they will gradually start to malfunction, as they start to lose parts, which are representing their health. Have you ever tried fighting your favorite boss while you can only move diagonally and your buddy has enabled friendly fire? Experience multiple episodic stories in our robo-bureaucrats filled universe. In each story take on a role of another duo of third-rate robots, that all came from the same assembly line. The game has stunning art style, every single object is drawn and animated by hand. Our mad artist even went so far that he animated one of the characters in 96 directions. Visual aspect of our game is accompanied by dynamic non-linear music, that smoothly reacts to what is happening on screen.


Silicomrades were born as a semestral project at the MFF Charles University in Prague in the end of the year 2018. Programmers Jan Holan and Mikuláš Hrdlička, artist Jakub Eremiáš and UI designer Štěpánka Kološová created a team Outside the Fox and decided to create couch co-op game where your friendship fall apart. Team recieved award for best game created during said semestral course and won sponsored trip to Gamescom to present Silicomrades to broader audience. New team member, sound designer Jan Knot, joined Outside the Fox shortly after.


  • Asymmetric cooperative gameplay. It is guaranteed, that your friend's robot will always be unfairly better than yours.
  • Watch your robots break down and lose functions, as they take damage.
  • Repair yourself with parts from your friend. But at what cost?!
  • Incredibly detailed visuals and animations, that were all drawn by hand, scanned into digital form, cleaned and imported into the game.
  • Original adaptive music, that smoothly changes itself to fit current in-game situation.
  • So say no more to bureaucracy and fight against Robo-Politicians!


Silicomrades - Gamescom Trailer YouTube

Silicomrades - Alpha Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (28MB)
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Awards & Recognition

  • "3rd Place at Indie Game Expo Awards at Game Developers Session 2019 " November 2019
  • "The best game of the semester, Computer Games Development course, Charles University in Prague." January 2019
  • "Selected as one of 10 games (out of 70+) for pitching on main stage during Game Access 2019 conference." May 2019

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About Outside the Fox

Outside the Fox is a small company of five students, who enjoy spending their free time to work on their soon-to-be award winning game, Silicomrades.

More information
More information on Outside the Fox, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Silicomrades Credits

Jakub Eremiáš
lead graphic and effect artist

Jan Holan
lead designer and programmer

Mikuláš Hrdlička
lead programmer and backup designer

Štěpánka Kološová
UI designer and marketing

Jan Knot
lead sound designer

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